Our Offices

We offer: Co-working Space- Backyard, meeting office, desks; Stable internet for your work; Coffee; Networking Platforms; Meeting/Workshop space; Creative/Art Space and Activities

Need a co-working space for your team of many or one, a virtual office, or the occasional meeting room? We believe That Collaboration Breeds Innovation.

We provide:

  • Actual office space that promotes productivity
  • Meaningful connections with your team
  • Increased productivity to get some work done

Located in quiet surroundings, we are a solution-oriented enterprise that is playing a critical role in policy, investments, business incubation and enterprise linkage in the region. We are the biggest lobby group around Winam Gulf.

Hot Desk/Coworking Space

Need a place for a quick job for just a couple days? You can also choose a workspace that matches the stage of your business from a virtual office to a full office.
Or, if you are a solo entrepreneur or creative looking for a flexible, innovative workspace or a supplementary desk with supportive “co-workers” and educational programs and events.
Then Hot Desk is the right choice.

Dedicated Deskfor Business & Creative Projects

For the solo entrepreneur or creative looking for a stable, innovative workspace with supportive “co-workers” and educational programs and events. You will have your own work space with all the necessary equipment at a low price.

Conference Room Comfortable Business Meetings

All conference rooms are modern, well equipped and perfectly illuminated. The state of the art conference centre and meeting rooms fulfil all the necessary needs and more to ensure that you and your clients have the best experience possible while engaging in fruitful business opportunities.
The conference centre is located in the basement, with associated meeting and group rooms. The room has a canvas, projector, speaker system and WiFi.
A private kitchen is also available, and food and drinks can be brought free of charge. If desired, we can assist with catering.