Brief info

Jack is an energy professional with experience in energy policy formulation, technical grid transmission and distribution knowledge, renewable energy and project management having worked for local and multinational companies. As an academic, his research areas involve eradication of energy poverty at a micro-level and identifying new methods of African countries to establish energy sufficiency at the continental level.

Jack has a diverse background working for different entities in the energy sector including the energy utility company in Kenya, AEE Power S.A and Giza Cable Industries. His latest career task has been managing the execution of the African Development Bank’s funded Last Mile Connectivity Project that aims to increase grid connectivity in Kenya to low-income households. Through the projects, he has been directly and indirectly involved in the connection of more than 10,000 households to the national grid.

Apart from his career work, Jack is also a part-time lecturer in one of the public universities in Kenya providing the required industrial relationship with academia. He has also enrolled for his PhD in Energy Studies, focusing on the continental analysis of energy demand and supply, policy & regulation frameworks and implementation strategies. Jack is also an entrepreneur running businesses and providing consultancies in the energy sector.

He is a licensed graduate engineer and solar PV technician.